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MotionObservable Timeline
Status Interface level Implementation level Library
Draft as of February 16, 2016 L2: Interaction creator L4: Runtime engineering material-motion
UpdatesCurrent StatusInitiation dateCompletion date
Timeline spec review Accepted Nov 11, 2016 Nov 17, 2016
Drafting new reactive API Draft Feb 16, 2017
iOS (Swift) View
paused (Bool)
timeOffset (Float)
(Timeline.Snapshot) default

Timeline specification

This is the engineering specification for the Timeline object.


A timeline provides an API for scrubbing time.


Object type

A timeline is an object.

class Timeline {

Input: Paused reactive property

A timeline has a reactive property named paused of type Bool. The default value is false.

class Timeline {
  public const paused: ReactiveProperty<Bool> = createProperty(withInitialValue: false)

Input: timeOffset reactive property

A timeline has a reactive property named timeOffset of type Float. The default value is 0.

class Timeline {
  public const timeOffset: ReactiveProperty<Float> = createProperty(withInitialValue: 0)

Constant: beginTime

A timeline has a constant named beginTime of type Float. The default value is the time at which the timeline was created.

class Timeline {
  public const beginTime: Float = Time.Now()

Output: snapshots

A timeline can be converted to a MotionObservable that emits snapshots of the timeline’s state.

class Timeline {
  public func asStream() -> MotionObservable<Timeline.Snapshot>

The stream is expected to subscribe to all of the input properties and, upon changes from any of them, emit an updated Snapshot instance. The implementation should only emit when the value has changed.

The snapshot is expected to contain the following information:

struct Snapshot {
  const paused: Bool
  const beginTime: Float
  const timeOffset: Float

Timeline/Interaction coordination

Interactions that support being scrubbed by a Timeline are expected to provide an optional timeline property.

class SomeInteraction {
  public var timeline: Timeline?

If a timeline is not associated with an interaction, then the interaction should start immediately upon registration with the runtime.

If a timeline is associated with an interaction, then the interaction should subscribe to the timeline’s stream and react to snapshots. Interactions should set their beginTime to the timeline’s beginTime; this ensures that all interactions are scheduled in relation to the timeline.

If the timeline is paused, the interaction should update its own timeOffset to match the timeline’s. If the timeline is not paused, the interaction can ignore the timeOffset.