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September 22-28, 2016

This weekly update captures what changed in a given week across the Material Motion ecosystem.

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Android team in Korea this week.

What has changed


  • 🎉: something launched! Click to view the release notes.
  • 📝: something was worked on.
Tech stack Starmap Apple Android Web
Runtime   📝    
Motion Family Starmap Apple Android Web
Arc move        
Direct manipulation       📝
Momentum conservation 🎉 📝    
Timeline tween        
Catalog Starmap Apple Android Web
Color interpolation        
Sparkle Dialog 🎉      


🎉 Momentum conservation motion family now stable. Learn more.

🎉 Sparkle dialog demo Spec now available. Learn more.

Android platform

✈️ Team in Korea at a conference.

Apple platforms

📝 Runtime Named plans feature being worked on. The milestone.

📝 POP Iterating toward v1.0.0 release. The milestone.

Web frameworks

📝 Direct manipulation Opening issues and sending PRs on PointerEvents across the spec, tests, Chrome, Firefox, and the polyfill.
📝 General Investigating the AnimationWorklet Houdini proposal.

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