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Spring specification

This is the engineering specification for the concrete Spring type.


A Spring can pull a value from an initial position to a destination using a physical simulation.

Example usage:

let view = UIView()
let target = UIView()
let spring = Spring(to: propertyOf(target).center, initialValue: propertyOf(view).center)
let spring$ = springSource(spring)


Expose Spring API

This class should be generic with a value T.

public final class Spring<T> {

Expose property APIs

These properties should be provided at initialization time.

destination represents the desired final value of the spring. initialValue represents the starting value of the spring. initialVelocity represents the initial velocity of the spring. threshold represents the value used to calculate when a spring has come to rest.

class Spring {
  public let destination: ReactiveProperty<T>
  public let stiffness: ReactiveProperty<Float>
  public let damping: ReactiveProperty<Float>
  public let initialValue: ScopedReadable<T>
  public let initialVelocity: ScopedReadable<T>
  public let threshold: ScopedReadable<Float>

Expose defaults for stiffness and damping

The default stiffness is 342 and the default damping is 30.