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July 20-27, 2016


📝 Heads down on building out Transitions.

🌟 Starmap 🗺

📝 Garbage-collectable performers.

🏎 Roadmap 🗺

          runtime          catalog
         /                /
android 🎉------📝------🚩    🌱       🌱
apple   🎉------📝------🚩     open terrain
web     🎉------🚩------🚩         🌱

Android platform

📝 Transitions MVP in progress. The milestone.

Apple platforms

🎉 Core Animation motion family now available. View the source.

🎉 Examples, unit tests, and motion families now being written in Swift 3. Core components will still be built in Objective-C.

📝 Transitions MVP in progress. The milestone.

Web frameworks

🎉 Runtime MVP landed. The milestone.
📝 Runtime Exploring usage with a virtual DOM. The milestone.

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