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Code style: Objective-C

We use clang-format to automatically format our Objective-C code. See the .clang-format file contained at the root of any Objective-C repository for the set of options we use.

File system structure

We use a file system convention based on Google’s GOS-conventions. At this time, all files should be prefixed with ‘MDM.’

Supported Swift version

We use Swift 3 for all unit tests and examples.

Our core libraries are written in Objective-C.


MDM is our API prefix.

Add the prefix to any API included in one of our libraries. This includes any class, function, enumeration, etc… contained in a src/ directory. E.g. MDMRuntime.

Non-library code has no prefix. This includes anything in an examples/ or tests/ directory. E.g. SomeDemoController.