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February 16-22, 2017

This weekly update captures what changed in a given week across the Material Motion ecosystem.


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🎉 Major cleanup to the starmap’s content. Observables, Reactive properties, MotionRuntime, and Operators sections all updated with latest specs.

Android platform

🎉 Released and integrated physics-android into Material Motion to back the spring interaction.

🎉 Now reactive-motion-rebound-android contains all the rebound interactions and logic.

🎉 Integration of Material Motion into Google is complete.

Apple platforms

🎉 Implemented a floating action button masked circular reveal transition.

Web frameworks

📝 Iterating on bottom sheet interaction.


📝 More path animation debug tooling explorations. Path tweens can now render their paths on a visualization layer.

🎉 mdm dir now supports acronym matches.

$ mdm dir rma

Current state

Android platform support

Library Build status Coverage Version Issues
conventions-android       0 open
gestures-android passing 91% v1.0.0 4 open
indefinite-observable-android passing 100% v2.0.0 0 open
physics-android       0 open
[-streams-android-]{+material-motion-android+} passing [-27%-]{+26%+} v1.0.0 12 open
reactive-motion-rebound-android       0 open

Apple platform support

Library Build status Coverage Version Platforms Docs Issues
catalog-swift passing         10 open
conventions-objc           0 open
indefinite-observable-swift passing 100% v3.1.0 ios / osx 54% 0 open
[-streams-swift-]{+reactive-motion-swift+} passing 6%       [-15-]{+18+} open

Web platform support

Library Build status Coverage Version Issues
indefinite-observable-js passing 100% v1.0.1 3 open
material-motion-js passing     43 open

Misc libraries

Library Build status Coverage Version Issues
apidiff passing 86% v1.0.0 11 open
chrome-inspector       4 open
direct-web       0 open
material-motion       39 open
milemarker       18 open
starmap       [-48-]{+37+} open
sublime       4 open
tools       [-101-]{+100+} open

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