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November 24-December 01, 2016

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Short week for thanksgiving. Team is gathered in San Francisco this next week!

🎉 We have a new dashboard on our home page.

People involved in this sprint

appsforartists featherless pingpongboss

What has changed


  • 🎉: something launched! Click to view the release notes.
  • 📝: something was worked on.
Tech stack Starmap Apple Android Web
Runtime     🎉  
Motion language Starmap Apple Android Web
DirectlyManipulable     🎉  
Draggable     🎉 📝
PausesSpring     🎉 📝
Pinchable     🎉  
Rotatable     🎉  
SpringTo     🎉 📝
Tween     🎉  
Interactions Starmap Apple Android Web
Color interpolation        
Drawer   📝    
Modal Dialog   📝    
Parallax scrolling        
Photo transition        
Sentence builder        
Sparkle Dialog        


📝 Exploring utility of stream-based APIs and their relation to motion.

Android platform

🎉 All Plans are now type-safe.

🎉 Runtime Published 6.0.1.

🎉 Runtime Runtime is now MotionRuntime.

🎉 Tween, Rebound, Direct manipulation, Gestures Published 2.1.0, 1.1.0, 1.2.0, and 1.1.0 respectively.

🎉 Tween Keyframe API.

🎉 Gestures Gesture recognizers moved into its own repo.

Apple platforms

📝 Iterated on Catalog interactions.

📝 Built a rubber-banded modal dialog interaction.

📝 Built a rubber-banded drawer interaction.

Web frameworks

📝 Built a prototype using streams to combine drags and springs, with only declarative/serializable operators

📝 Started work on streams experiment


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