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Drafting as of Oct 25, 2016

Transition specification

This is the engineering specification for the Transition concrete type.


A Transition defines the essential information required by a TransitionDirector.


Concrete type

Transition is an object.

Example pseudo-code:

class Transition {

MotionRuntime API

Expose a read-only MotionRuntime instance.

class Transition {
  let runtime: MotionRuntime

Transition window API

Expose a read-only value of the transition’s window.

class Transition {
  let window: TransitionWindow

Timeline API

Expose a read-only value of the transition’s timeline.

class Transition {
  let timeline: Timeline

Direction API

Expose a read-only value of the transition’s direction.

class Transition {
  let direction: TransitionDirection

back/fore API

Expose a read-only back and fore value.

The type of this value is platform-dependent.

On iOS:

class Transition {
  let back: UIViewController
  let fore: UIViewController

These values map from the platform’s from/to values:

Direction back == fore ==
Forward from to
Backward to from