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Contributing to the Starmap

The Starmap represents our long-term plans as a team. Contributions made to the Starmap go through a somewhat altered review process which we’ve outlined below.

Patch acceptance process

Proposing new concepts

The Starmap covers opinionated topics related to the creation of interactive software interfaces. The Starmap is not an exhaustive list of topics and ideas for motion and interaction in general.

If you feel that the Starmap is missing a concept please follow our patch acceptance process.

Proposing terminology changes

Throughout the Starmap we will associate specific terminology with concepts. Such associations are rarely perfect, nor do we expect them to be. The goal of the following process is to minimize the subjective nature of these discussions.

If you feel that a chosen term does not effectively communicate the intended meaning, please do the following:

  1. Perform a global find-and-replace of the term. Ensure that the new term applies to all existing contexts.
  2. Write an explanation for why you feel the new term should supplant the existing term including answers to each of the following questions:
  3. What do you feel the current term describes?
  4. What do you feel the new term describes that the current term does not?
  5. Are there existing uses of your proposed term in the software industry? If so, please provide links to references.
  6. Propose the change as a patch.

If no consensus by the core team is reachable then the terminology will not be changed.