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August 18-24, 2016


📝 Large focus on communication and educational strategy for material motion this past week. Read our overview.

📝 Defining our user journeys.


Tech stack Starmap Apple Android Web
Runtime 🎉 🎉 v2.0.1 🎉 v1.1.0 🎉 MVP
Transitions 🎉 📝 Milestone 📝 Milestone  
Interactions 📝     📝 NO MILESTONE
Serialization 📝      
Motion Family Starmap Apple Android Web
Arc move 📝      
Direct manipulation 📝 📝 Milestone 📝 📝 NO MILESTONE
Physics 📝   📝  
Tween 📝   📝  
Timeline tween 📝      


📝 Planning out the material-motion website content strategy. Blog posts. Content strategy.

📝 Fleshing out the motion family specifications. Learn more

Android platform

🎉 Unit testing now running on Travis CI thanks to seanoshea.

📝 Direct manipulation, rebound, physics motion family Under development. Rebound v1.0.0 milestone.

Apple platforms

📝 Direct manipulation motion family Under development. View the milestone.

Web frameworks

📝 Prototyping Circles interaction.


🎉 API diff now supports standard java libraries.

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