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February 02-08, 2017

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Android platform

🎉 DirectlyManipulable now uses AnchorPointAdjustable interaction to ensure pivot always aligns with the gesture centroid.

🎉 ReactiveProperty instances are now shared for the same target property. This allows interactions to affect each other by reading and writing to the same properties.

🎉 Spring is now an interaction.

📝 Tossable interaction

ReactiveProperty<Float[]> destination = ReactiveProperty.of(new Float[]{500f, 500f});
runtime.addInteraction(new Tossable(destination), target);

Apple platforms

🎉 Implemented arc move and an arc move example.

Web frameworks

🎉 Built prototype of createDragStream() atop MotionObservable, with translated and read operators


🎉 mdm git tree output now includes the diff url:

$ mdm git tree
* 85aeb16 Sample work in progress commit.
* a4721d0 AnchorPointAdjustable interaction.
* a88acf6 Support idiomatic Android property code.
* 08fdc63 Add onConnect() and onDisconnect() to Operation.
* 16d5036 Add CheckboardDrawable to demo.


Android platform support

Library Build status Coverage Version Issues
catalog-android passing 0%   0 open
conventions-android       0 open
expression-android       2 open
family-direct-manipulation-android passing 100% v1.2.0 2 open
family-rebound-android passing 100% v1.1.0 3 open
family-tween-android passing 100% v2.1.0 2 open
gestures-android passing 91% v1.0.0 4 open
indefinite-observable-android passing 100% v2.0.0 0 open
runtime-android passing 95% v6.0.1 13 open
streams-android passing [-39%-]{+27%+} v1.0.0 [-14-]{+12+} open
transitions-android       9 open

Apple platform support

Library Build status Coverage Version Platforms Docs Issues
catalog-swift passing         10 open
conventions-objc           0 open
coreanimation-swift passing 61% v2.0.0 ios   6 open
coreanimation-transitions-swift passing 84% v1.0.0 ios -1% 0 open
direct-manipulation-swift passing 84% v1.1.0 ios   5 open
indefinite-observable-swift passing 100% v3.1.0 ios / osx 54% 0 open
pop-swift passing 42%     21% 6 open
pop-transitions-swift passing 71% v1.0.0 ios   0 open
runtime-objc passing 91% v6.0.1 ios 100% 16 open
streams-swift [-canceled-]{+passing+} [-10%-]{+6%+}       [-8-]{+13+} open
transitions-objc passing 48% v1.1.0 ios 90% 5 open

Web platform support

Library Build status Coverage Version Issues
indefinite-observable-js passing 100% v1.0.1 3 open
material-motion-js passing     41 open
streams-experiment-js       1 open

Misc libraries

Library Build status Coverage Version Issues
apidiff passing 86% v1.0.0 11 open
chrome-inspector       4 open
ci-staging-area       0 open
direct-web       0 open
hubot       0 open
material-motion       [-37-]{+38+} open
milemarker       18 open
sprints       32 open
starmap       48 open
sublime       4 open
tools       100 open

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