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Tween specification

This is the engineering specification for the concrete Tween API.


A Tween animates between a list of values using a pre-defined timing function.

Example usage:

let view = UIView()
let target = UIView()
let tween = Tween(duration: 0.3, values: [0, 1])
let tween$ = tweenSource(tween)


Expose Tween API

This class should be generic with a value T.

public final class Tween<T> {

Expose property APIs

These properties should be provided at initialization time.

duration is the length of time over which the animation should occur, expressed in milliseconds (e.g. 300 milliseconds).

delay is the number of milliseconds that should elapse before a tween begins.

values is an array of objects that each define a single frame of the animation.

If values.length == 1 then the values[0] value is treated as the destination value of the property.

offsets optionally defines the pacing of the animation. Each offset corresponds to its identically-indexed value in the values array. Each offset is a floating point number in the range of [0,1] and is expected to be absolute and monotonically increasing. If not provided, each value is assumed to be evenly spaced.

timingFunctions optionally defines the timing functions to be used between any two values. If values is of length n, then interTimingFunctions should be of length n-1. If not provided, each timing function is assumed to be linear. If values.length == 1 then interTimingFunctions[0] value is treated as the timing function for the animation.

class Tween {
  public var duration: TimeInterval
  public var delay: TimeInterval = 0
  public var values: [T]
  public var offsets: [Double]?
  public var timingFunctions: [CAMediaTimingFunction]?