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ReactiveProperty createProperty feature specification
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Stable as of February 19, 2017 L2: Interaction creator L4: Runtime engineering material-motion
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createProperty feature specification

This is the engineering specification for the createProperty API.


createProperty(withInitialValue:) creates an anonymous ReactiveProperty with a given initial value.

For languages that don’t allow top-level functions, ReactiveProperty.of() is the preferred API signature.

let someProperty = createProperty(withInitialValue: 20)
ReactiveProperty<Float> property = ReactiveProperty.of(100f);


Expose a createProperty API

It should be genericized on type T.

public func createProperty<T>(withInitialValue initialValue: T) -> ReactiveProperty<T>
public static <T> ReactiveProperty<T> of(T initialValue)

Return a ReactiveProperty instance

func createProperty<T>(withInitialValue value: T) -> ReactiveProperty<T> {
  return ReactiveProperty(withInitialValue: value)
public static <T> ReactiveProperty<T> of(T initialValue) {
  return new ValueReactiveProperty<>(initialValue);