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Creating a GitHub repository

GitHub repository creation rights for the material-motion org is restricted to a small set of Googlers.

Create a local repo

We use the mdm toolchain to create new GitHub repositories. Before you can publish to GitHub you must create a local git repository:

mdm new repo material-motion-thing

Templatize an existing repo

If you already have a git repo on your local machine, then you can apply the GitHub template to the repo by running the following within your git repo:

yo mm-github

Publish the repo to GitHub

You now have a git repository fully-configured and ready for initial publication to GitHub.

To publish the repo to GitHub:

cd $(mdm dir material-motion-thing)
mdm publish github <repo kind> <org> <repo-name>

Publish the repo to

This command must be run by an admin of View the list of admins.

cd $(mdm dir material-motion-thing)
mdm publish phabricator <repo kind> <org> <repo-name>