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How we prioritize

Prioritization is how we choose what to work on for a given week or day. We make heavy use of GitHub and Discord to communicate our priorities. This allows us to minimize the number of team meetings and encourages autonomy.


We use GitHub’s org-wide projects to organize our weekly sprints. You must be a member of the material-motion organization to view the sprint board. Ask a core team member on Discord for access.

View the sprint board.

A milestone defines relative issue priority

Within a given library we use GitHub milestones to define relative issue priority. Issues at the top of the milestone are the most important.

For example, consider the Runtime v1.0.0 milestone:

In this milestone we can clearly see the work ahead of us and the current status of each issue.

If you’d like to take on a task the rule is simple: choose any unassigned task near the top of the milestone.