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Life of a change

For frequent and core contributors.

Frequent and core contributors are expected to use the arc command line tool to initiate code review.

Guides on arc:

Prerequisite: install tools

Please follow our Tools guide to learn how to install the mdm command line tool. This tool provides an easy way to install tools on your computer via mdm tools.

Start a feature branch

The arc workflow begins by creating a git branch.

arc feature somefeature

This is synonymous to

git checkout -b somefeature
git branch --set-upstream-to origin/develop

Make changes

Commit changes to your feature branch.

Send your change out for review

We do not push branches to GitHub. We use arc diff to send changes out for review via

arc diff

Make changes

You may be asked to make changes to your diff. Commit changes to your branch as you normally would. Run arc diff again when you’re ready to review the new changes:

arc diff

Land the diff

Once your diff has been approved you may land the diff. Landing squashes your branch into a single commit, updates the commit with the diff description on, and pushes the commit to origin/develop.

arc land