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Our team uses a custom tool called mdm to manage our team’s tooling. We encourage adding this tool to your PATH so that you can access it from anywhere on your computer:

git clone --recursive
cd material-motion-tools
echo "export PATH=$(dirname $(find $(pwd) -regex '.*bin/mdm')):\$PATH"

Add the output path to whichever file your shell uses to configure environment variables. This is often ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc.

# edit ~/.bash_profile
source ~/.bash_profile

You can now run the mdm tool installer like so:

mdm tools

Or the automated variant:

mdm tools install

Learn more about each mdm command by running mdm help or by reading the docs on GitHub.

Misc tooling notes

Here’s a list of tools we currently use as a team:



Versions of software we use:

  • Android Studio 2.4 Preview 6


Versions of software we use:

  • Objective-C:
  • Swift 3.0:
    • Xcode 8
  • Cocoapods 1.0.1
  • psych 2.1.0

We use version 2.1.0 of the psych gem. This version of psych adds quotes to the Podfile.lock after a pod install. Older versions removed the quotes.

View your version:

gem list | grep psych

Update your version:

xcode-select --install # May need to run this first
sudo gem update psych